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My name is Natalie Coates and I have been teaching for 21 years - 15 of those have been at Chacombe!

I started teaching in year 3 and 4, moved to year 5 and 6, have taught Foundation and Key Stage 1 and I am now back teaching Year 3 and 4!  

I have 2 children: Charlie is 16 and in year 11 at Chenderit and Ruby is 13 and in year 9.

I love teaching all subjects, but my favourites are art, maths and P.E. - particularly dance! I love to sing and dance and take any opportunity to have a little boogie - much to the embarrassment of my children!

Out of school, I enjoy pilates and tap dancing classes every week and like to keep as busy as possible!

My door is always open so please come to see me with any questions or worries that you have.


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This half term, P.E. will take place twice a week.

On Tuesday afternoons we will be focusing on tennis skills and general ball and net skills.  We will have our swimming lessons on Friday afternoon, at Brackley swimming pool.

All children should have their Chacombe PE tshirts and shorts, but it is also a good ideas to have warm trousers, a jumper and old trainers for outside games. Even if the weather is cold and wet, we will still try to get outside as much as possible for games so an extra pair of socks is always a good idea too!


Children have a spelling book that should always be in their book bag. Their spellings will be tested in class as a formal test every Monday. Their spellings come from the new Year 3 or Year 4 curriculum list. They need to practice them as often as possible at home, using as many different methods as possible - these could include the look, cover, write and check method, writing them out lots of times, saying them out loud, focusing on 1 each day etc. They will have new spellings to learn each week and it would also be great if they could practise any that they got incorrect in the test the week before. I've also put the year 1 and 2 spelling list below which is always useful to go back to and practise, as many children still find these spellings tricky. I hope you will be able to encourage your children to practise their spellings.




It is vitally important that the children are reading regularly at home to an adult. The more they can practise at home, the better they will become. 

We are trying to listen to children read in class as often as possible, but it is quite difficult to fit it in with all of the other learning that is taking place. Also, we are listening to group reading every day, where a small group of children all read from the same text and we focus on decoding, blending, fluency and use of expression

We have a class guided reading session at least once a week, where we share the class text.

If your child has read 5 or more times at home, over the week, they will receive a house point and a sticker on their reading chart - this year the theme is 'Reading Around the World'. Every time they achieve 5 stickers, they receive a certificate in celebration assembly.

Times Tables

The children are tested every Tuesday and if they achieve 12 / 12 for 2 consecutive weeks, they move onto the next times table. They will always know which times table they are working on and, again, it is vitally important that they practise regularly at home in lots of different ways.