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Design and Technology Curriculum

Within Design Technology teaching there is the intention that children will gain an appreciation of the design processes used within a variety of disciplines such as architecture, cookery and textiles. They will be able to evaluate their work and make suggestions on how they can make improvements. This could be completed in a group or individual basis. At times they will explore mechanical processes, using relevant vocabulary to explain how products might work and be improved. They will be able to gain confidence in using different tools and developing prototypes before producing a final piece of work. Also, they will consider the intended user and how their products may be adapted to suit different people


How will we achieve this?

A comprehensive DT programme of study has been developed throughout the key stages, ensuring that children learn a progression of skills, in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum. The units work in line with the creative curriculum topics and will be differentiated to the needs of their particular cohort.

Children are taught to work using the ‘Design, Create, Evaluate’ cycle. Each stage is rooted within technical knowledge, whether this relates to physical mechanisms, cooking methods or the merits and drawbacks of working with particular tools, materials and equipment. While projects generally have a specific ‘end goal’, emphasis is also placed on incorporating children’s own ideas into the design process at any opportunity. Children are offered technical explanations and demonstrations, along with subject-specific vocabulary to enable them to express their thoughts and ideas. Time is taken to ensure that children have an appreciation of the potential risks of working with different tools and materials and are able to manage these risks successfully to create products in a safe, hygienic way. Being an environmentally conscious school, children are encouraged to create products in a responsible fashion, ensuring that finite resources are used considerately.

How will this support the children and in the future?

Progress within DT is measured through the use of curriculum progression documents for each year group. This allows staff to ensure that children are reaching levels of attainment expected for their age. Our aim is to develop design and technology skills within all children to the best of their ability. We encourage our children at Chacombe to be reflective in their thinking, considering the importance of evaluating their work, making changes and shaping their own learning moving forward. This in turn supports their future endeavours, in which they will have the skill set to be resilient and responsive.