​Chacombe CEVA Primary Academy

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P.S.H.E Curriculum


What do we want to achieve for our children?
Through our whole school RSE/PSHE curriculum, we intend to build strong foundations of health and wellbeing, provide crucial skills and encourage positive attitudes to enable children to achieve their best potential academically and socially. We want to develop confidence, resilience, self- esteem and independence in our children, to enable them to make the most of their abilities and prepare them to play an active role as citizens.
Building on their own experiences and those of their peers and through our Christian values and vision statement – Respect, Believe, Succeed, we will encourage our children to develop as individuals and members of their communities. 
We will endeavor to provide them with the ability to make safe and informed choices, learning to take responsibility for their actions, respecting and valuing others background, religion, race and gender; treating others as they themselves would wish to be treated. 
It is our aim, to help our children move with confidence from childhood through adolescence into adulthood. It is essential all of our children feel safe and know what to do to ensure their safety is not compromised in everyday life or online. 


How will we achieve this?
At Chacombe Primary Academy, we follow the SCARF (safety, caring, achievement, resilience and friendship) RSE/PSHE program of study.  This is a whole school approach that provides a scheme of learning from the Early Years Foundation Stage, through to and including, Year 6. The program is centred on a values based ‘Growth Mindset’ approach and is divided into 6 termly units, tailored to each year group:
Being my best
Me and my relationships
Keeping myself safe
Valuing difference
Growing and changing
Rights and responsibilities
We embed our school and British values throughout the curriculum where possible. These values also play an important part within our collective worship focus each half term.


How will this support our children now and in the future?
This program of study supports the children in becoming happier and more positive about school life, gives them a better understanding about rules and responsibilities and enables them to better handle setbacks and disagreements.
Children have a safe place in which to discuss their feelings, opinions and develop their emotional intelligence.
Our children recognise and understand our school values and the fundamental British values.
Our children demonstrate positive behaviour, as they understand that they have a responsibility for their own actions and how these actions affect others at school, home and later on in the workplace.

We share the responsibility of educating our pupils with their parents and guardians. Sex education is presented within a Christian and moral framework. Carefully monitored, structured TV programmes are used in Year 5 and 6 with parental knowledge and consent. Throughout the school, questions are answered frankly and naturally as they arise in the course of general class work.

The school takes a pro-active role in drug education. Awareness is taught through Personal, Social and Health Education, Science and English. The school actively co-operates with the community police, social services, the LEA and Health Authority.

In Year 6 all children take part in a programme designed to prepare them for the transition to secondary school.