​Chacombe CEVA Primary Academy

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Art  Curriculum




What do we want to achieve for our children in art?

Art at Chacombe is highly valued. We believe that respecting and celebrating children’s creative endeavours, nurtures their self belief, which builds self esteem and leads to many successes both personal and academic. All children will have their work displayed within the school throughout the year and we hold regular art shows, for parents to come and see and purchase art work.


How will we achieve this?
Drawing context from the current topics, our art curriculum is designed to gradually build many skills such as line forming, mark making and colour mixing whilst also building experience of a multitude of techniques and media. All children have a sketchbook in which they practise skills and try out ideas before bringing this learning together in a final piece. Alongside this, children learn about and experience the work and techniques of a wide range of artists so that by “standing on the shoulders of giants” they create their own pieces.


What does art teaching look like and how will it support my child now and in the future?
Our children are encouraged to be creative and experimental in their artistic approaches. At Chacombe, our teachers inspire our pupils to express themselves creatively. Our children are taught specific techniques and skills throughout their art lessons. At the same time, they are encouraged to explore and develop their own ideas; allowing their imaginations to develop their creations.  Our art themes are deliberately selected each term, to fit our topic, which is taught throughout the school.